The Black EP

by Brandon Warr

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DIY Production and Minimalist Punk Rock song writing come together on the first EP from Anti-Folk artist Brandon Warr.

This album is the first to a two-part project, one EP displaying darkness and the other discovering light. The songs on this release deal with themes such as the loss of loved ones, struggles with making decisions and abuse.

To the audience:

I have to say, this was a challenge for me. I wanted something, anything, to do with music after being burned out for so many years. This is the start of a new chapter for me and the music I love to create. That is why I converted a walk-in closet to a recording booth with nothing but clothes and blankets.

I would record every song, track by track, then go to my computer and try to make it sound like music. It got frustrating at times but I got it done. Whether it is any good is up to the individual. Just know that it has been a long-time coming for me and no plans to change the formula in the near future, although I welcome any feedback or suggestion you may have!

Keep listening! "The White EP" is coming soon!

Hope you enjoy,


released April 12, 2017




Brandon Warr Chipley, Florida

Brandon Warr is an Acoustic Singer-Songwriter who thinks he is Punk but is probably Folk-ish with a hint of Pop-rock thrown in there too. The Music is trash but you will probably like it anyway.

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Track Name: All the Good Times are Passed and Gone
All The Good Times are Past and Gone
All the Good Times are Over
All the Good Times are Past and Gone
Darlin' don't you Weep No More

I Wish to God I had Never Been Born
Or Died when I was Young
I'd Never have to see you Close your Eyes
Or Heard your Wonderful Songs

Don't you Hear that Lonesome Train
Rollin' 'Round the Bend
Taking me Away from the Ones I Love
Never to Return Again

Come Back to me my Dearest Friend
Stay Awhile with me
If I ever had a Friend to Love
You would be that Friend to Me
Track Name: Dead at the Crossroads
I found him laying dead at the crossroads of life
Found him laying dead at the crossroads in life
He was in a bind and wouldn't clear his mind
and I found him laying dead at the crossroads of life

His Family didn't weep when they found out he was dead
His Family didn't weep when they found out he was dead
His Friends didn't feel and they asked for his will
And nobody cried when they saw the man who died

Nobody thinks about the crossroads in life
They just want to stop and see the sights
But you'll be the next one to lose your life
If you don't take a stand at the crossroads in life
Track Name: Bodil
Wrapped up in the Chicken Wire
And Occupied in the Barn
Bodil never tried
To escape from the Harm
Laying in Fields of Grass
Abused by her Mom
She would pour another glass
For shame her body tread upon

Bodil Done Wrong
but so did her Mom

Men gathered from afar
Gasping from the Stench
Ogling the Mammal's Grasp
But safe outside the Fence
Then she was Thrown Away
Like the Pigs she used to Feed
Carcass lay and Waste away
40 Years but never Free

Bodil did wrong
but so did her Mom
Track Name: LRH
I'll set them up with a Personality test
All on a fixed rate
It really is for the Best
We won't be the same when we are through here
Thats just the price we pay for Going Clear

And oh, Analytical Mind
Why do you hate me so? Remembering things I don't wanna know!
And oh, Reactive Mind
You can be so stubborn sometimes!

I guess I gotta pay to take my guilt away
Miscavige has to beat me to keep me on this path
I'm due for another audit
Hopefully these thetans lose their grasp

Its all true! Its alright!
LRH was O.T. 9 when he died!
Is it true? Something isn't right!
I had to get clear before I knew it was all a lie!!!
Track Name: The Day I Learned Not to Trust People
We believe that we are good
We know we live like we should
Our pride has put scales on our eyes
We believe our own lies

But when we all see everything that we have done
We will face the truth that we were wrong

We will be so ashamed
Our pride won't be our gain
The secrets we kept laying bare before us
Retribution coming down upon us

Save us from ourselves